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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Visage et corps: Salvador

Le Jardin (Duratrans/ light box) 
inspired by the Garden of Earthly Delights of Hieronymus Bosch

Can photography represent reality more fully than a painting? 
And what of dreams - which medium expresses them best? 
Steeped in the language of art that has come before him, Jean-Jacques Salvador's approach to photography is highly technical and modern yet converses fluently with the masters of old. His photography now secures the fleeting constructions of the human mind the way Bosch did with paint - and painstaking method.  Modern faces, modern bodies inhabit exploratory themes that have not finished to claim our attention.

Têtes antiques

In a visual grammar where the classics are not dead, beware, Medusa looks back at us.

more information at Catherine Valogne
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Queen of Flowers Brocade

photo St Tyl
There are so many beautiful ways to use fabric but certain designs may or may not be appreciated until put into the right setting. It would be hard for a silk enthusiast not to appreciate La Reine des Fleurs, but the beauty of these long flowing garlands is impressive and, as with large scale diagonals, presents a very defined character. This 19th century design is still hand woven in 100% silk by Tassinari & Chatel -  for the article at St Tyl, click !

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Walks and warnings

all photos Le style et la matière
Last week's hauntings included a tour of Tours and Chinon.

"Passage of the Regretful Heart "
A name may catch your attention - how quaint? I learned long ago that there is usually a story behind such things. These walls might have many a tale to tell - and not as romantic as we are inclined to think when we see the word heart. Those sentenced to death took this dark  passage on the way to the pillory or gallows located at the place Foire-le-Roi of Tours. Adding torment to torture, this long and narrow passage is more oppressive than Venice's Bridge of Sighs.

all photos Le style et la matière

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Relax in Peace

Image Lorenzo de Paris

by Polish studio Kosmos Project (created in 2006 by Ewa Bochen and Maciej Jelski) is perfect for this autumnal time of year.

Friday, October 25, 2013

AD Intérieurs Métamorphose: conceptual curiosity

all photos Le style et la matière

Since 2009 AD magazine France has been showcasing some of France's best interior designers with thematic exhibition in an exceptional location. This year's event was in the Enclos des Bernardins,  a 17th century hôtel particulier, a building ordinarily closed to the public. The theme, metamorphosis, encouraged some very artistic demonstrations. That, along with the high level of craftsmanship and creativity displayed made an irrepressible if hackneyed association surface - this is haute couture for the interior!  More show cases that real spaces, but still it was impossible to be indifferent to these rooms often designed to play with the senses and the mind.  Conceptual, sometimes flamboyant or even verging on the weird, each room was highly personal  in this year's event close to an aesthetic experiment. 

Are the stakes getting higher and higher for very high-end decoration with the plethora of mid-range productions?  If we are to come away with a lesson here, it might be that Luxury now demands the 
extra-extraordinary in concept as well as in craftsmanship. 

Above, Pierre Yovanovitch started the whirl by inviting us into his music room. 

The sensuous charred wood piano Maarten Baas

Piano stool tapestry by Galerie Robert Four

Rug Galerie Robert Four, Growth chair Mathias Bengtsson

Studio Alberto Pinto under a sculpted tent

Futurist curiosity cabinet by Christian Biecher

Maria Pergay's flamboyant salon and study were over-the-top --and believe me,
that was the appropriate expression  because I don't usually use it.

Mutant object: Louis XV/crate desk

Draped steel, spotted wood and a furry armrest

Notice the unusual treatment of metal once again as curling  ribbons under the console.
Painting by Thierry Bruet gives a wink to artist Yue Minjun.

Above Pergay's console we glimpse of the vestiges of 17th century decoration.

Claude Zana provides sleek optical effect in his saloon-kitchen. Textured velvet (Pierre Frey)
 Le Manach (now a part of the P.Frey Group) covered pillows, and once again the appealing burnt wood material is used  in a cluster of trunk-like tables.

Sculpture by X and dip-dyed curtains

Yes, that is a bull (Deyrolle) roaming near the nest-like sofa. This is a mythological dining room; convives may dine à la Romaine, reclining on the banquette covered in a fabric Création Métaphores by Ateliers Charles Jouffre.

A beautiful X wood table plays peek-a-boo with the rug by ICE.

Hubert de Malherbe's very photogenic Surrealist den was like a happening with a Dorleans sofa that inflates and deflates like lungs...

This winged textile form with feathers and embroidery by Bordadoas Barber was filled with a real live breathing person and balanced out the rounded shapes on the wall  nicely with the head that came out of the top! 

I didn't see anyone sitting here. Too bad.

Straw marquetry Lison de Caunes for the top of this console whose support was a sculpted human figure terminating in the bouquet as a head.
I admit to not having noticed it. I was watching to sofa breathe.

Elegant salon de companie by Elliott Barnes

Francois-Joseph Graf's rust and bone dining room: abundant pattern is stabilized by rounded tones of brown that are sharpened with a jolt of electric blue.

Fabrics Holland and Sherry

Très fou -- somehow I really liked this Bureau of Power by Ramy Fischler. The subjet is weighty and the balance of power is held in place with heavy-duty cables.  Notice the floor...

approach the desk, the marble tiles become a thick, soft carpet. Tai Ping inserted marble tile into one side for a rug with two very different surfaces.

The desk (with integrated computer on the left) is the counter-weight, but it reminds me of scaffolding,
also an interesting for a work site.

Antichambre d'une élégante by Thierry Lemaire

The garden patio by Chahan Minassian seen from above

and  for views of a bedroom for a little prince by Vincent Darré  with a special fabric collection at St Tyl
for more general information and photos see AD France

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

A reminder

photo St Tyl
Glorious color, sheen, pattern...more silks from the Second Empire this way ----St Tyl