Sunday, March 29, 2009

poetry stills

Since looking at Cocteau's Santo Sospir, these poetic rooms seen in an article by Marie-France Boyer in the October 2006 World of Interiors kept coming to mind. These paintings were done by the contemporary artist-poet, LP Promenheur. Though the theme here is natural, not mythological, both Cocteau and Promenheur have responded to particular places and have expressed themselves in solemn, still, poetic lines.

The mysterious LP Promenheur (the name is a combination of promeneur and bonheur) is not a public character like the sophisticated Jean Cocteau, nor do these walls contain sparkling dinner parties with the other stellar artists of the day. Instead, we see here the artist's "mistress," the one he comes to see and adorn, in ritual visits down from Paris to this modest house in the counyside outside of Chartres. There does seem to be a real ritual going on in this interior; the drawings of superimposed animals make me think of cave paintings in prehistoric times. The house is a work of art itself, a silent chapelle dedicated to beauty. (photos Eric Morin)


  1. I adore these works of art on the walls of this home! A Fabulous find! I love you blog site!

  2. Karena,isn't it an inspiration? I'd like at least one room like these!

  3. Cherchant des documents sur les murs tatoués de la villa Santo Sospir, je découvre par un long chemin détourné votre blog et le travail si sensible de JP Promenheur. Deux splendides découvertes. Merci, merci.