Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's nice to go trav'ling

Voyager, c'est demander d'un coup à la distance ce que le temps ne pourrait nous donner que peu à peu.
To travel is to ask all at once of distance what time could give us only little by little.
PAUL MORANDThree weeks spent in three different places means new impressions - sights, smells, tastes, notions -to mix with old ideas. A bit of rest, a bit of sport, a smidgen of glamour, communing with nature, walking in history's paths, exhibits, conversations, books, new faces.... Who can tell the full effects of this potion? Plans and new projects start to bud. Vacation is about all these things.
Getting the big picture.

Criss-crossing civilisations

Taking a closer look.

But it's oh, so nice to come home...

(last photo by my daughter)

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