Monday, February 1, 2010

to Market

Last Sunday's sale at Osenat saw some chic pieces offered to the crowd. The 130 objects date to around 1900 and go up to the 1980s. It was offered up as "design."

Carlo BUGATTI - circa 1905

Some well-known items were withdrawn from the sale.

ALVAR AALTO - Ed. Artek - circa 1950

Some more than doubled their estimate.

Hector GUIMARD - Fonderies de Saint Dizier - circa 1905

Some were a steal.

Jansen Décoration - circa 1970

 Doesn't this original flock of six make you want to chirp?

Maria Pergay box -circa 1965

In all, it was a sale to write home about.

for full catalogue and results: Osenat


  1. Wonderful response to a piece of spam! I have just read it and laughed out loud. Beyond that, I think my favorite of the objects you pose is the small silver box. What a delight that would be on the coffee table.

  2. But you burst my bubble! Well, at least you got a bit of levity out of it when it popped. The goodmangood blog was pretty hollow and the translated comment artistically cryptic... so much for cosmopolitan dreams.

  3. i love the sinuous and fluid lines of the guimard chairs! love love love...

  4. Soodie -and they went for a mere 400 euros !