Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good Eggs?

Bust of a Beotian Goddess circa 390
British Museum

Did your weekend bring good or rotten eggs? We know about this oval as a symbol of perfection
but is the meaning still there when it rolls out into the design world ?
For the Beotians, the egg is a symbol of universal potential holding the yet undeveloped sky and earth.

Musée de la Carte Postale

A thin, but resistant shell encloses a protective home, inevitably meant
to be broken through to reach outer life.
A natural for Spring.

Sacred Conversation Piero della Francesco 1472

A goose egg hanging from the ceiling suggests the perfection of this birth.
It is a symbol of resurrection and renaissance.

Wikimedia Commons

This egg house in Mashkova Street, Moscow sits firmly in its egg cup.
This house was inspired by by the proud artistry of Fabergé. All reports say the house has yet to be a residence though it was finished in 2002. 
More photos here

 Commissioned for the state furniture collection by then Prime Minister Georges Pompidou in 1966, this Lalanne console was part of the Elysée Palace furnishings through the tenure of several successive presidents.

LOMME  bed

This bed by Günther Thöny is part of a vision of
a utopian world for the present manufactured by LOMME.
LOMME  means  Light Over Matter Mind Evolution. The company  
"conceives, develops, designs and manufactures products that are natural, life enhancing and mind developing for a cleaner, healthier, happier existence."

world architecture news

And have you noticed? Eggs are hatching out in architecture these days. One that really stands out was designed by architect, James Law, as a jewel for the new central business district of Mumbai.

World Architecture News states, "Buildings are no longer about concrete, steel and glass, but also the new intangible materials of technology, multimedia, intelligence and interactivity."  The slanted egg-shaped structure has approximately 10-20% less surface area than a conventional building and thus less solar gain. The egg shell creates up to 30m spans of columnless floors.

This is a new kind of building for the new century.
Technology combines with the working environment to customize your favorite view and have
"real time scenery from all around the world instead of the view the user currently has." Innovations also include cybertecture health systems in washrooms which are designed to keep track of the inhabitant’s health including blood pressure and weight.
"The data collected may be retrieved and sent to a doctor if deemed necessary".  

Could the egg  be the shape of the 21st century?
At the very least, we have proof that man is still striving to create perfection -
the egg is here to show it.


  1. New information on the egg.It could be that with the right promotion the egg could be it- something must inspire. pgt

  2. It seems an odd thing to me but... who knows!

  3. I think once again you traipse into the Junger than springtime world. Barbara Walker in her "The Women's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects" states that "It used to be a common idea that the primeval universe—or the Great Mother who created it—took the form of an egg." She goes on to state that the Cosmic Egg "carried all arabic numerals and alphabetical letters combined within an ellipse, to show that everything that can be numbered or named is contained within one form at the beginning." A little food for thought. And yes, the egg is a perfect protein.

  4. HbD, O! aristocrate of Commenters,
    You make the dish ever so much more nutritious! Eggs can be heady stuff.

  5. Those buildings are incredible - they look like they might roll away :)