Thursday, November 25, 2010

A convenient contraption

photo: Jean-Bernard Naudin

Detail: a plate warmer from
a good book

Proust: La cuisine retrouvée
by Anne Borrel, Alain Senderens, et Jean-Bernard Naudin

Happy Thanksgiving, America!


  1. Brilliant idea and I seem to remember seeing one a long, long time ago. I don't think piling plates in front of a HVAC supply vent would look or feel as romantic. Lovely image for this Thanksgiving day - for which by the way, Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. oh love that! so ingenious. i have a similar book (about proust and food) will have to drag it out and see if i missed this canny little contraption.

    do you celebrate T-G with your family? i'm making chocolate cream pie (with gas canister whipped cream) but will use puff pastry! i'll see how my all-american hosts like that!


    (oh you asked me a question a couple posts back - will try to come back to that soon!)

  3. Blue: Thank you and I hope your day was enjoyable. Our Thanksgiving evening meal was probably around the same time as the mid-day American dinner celebration for many of you. The plates were not warm though! In our previous apartment, we had a Prussian oven, which also keeps dishes warm, or it would have if I had called in a chimney sweep (it was sealed up and had long gone un-used when we first moved in.) I used it as a silly curio cabinet, opened only from time to time.

    Mlle: Could your book be "Dining with Proust"? That is the English translation of this one.
    I'm sure your dessert was delicious and that, along with abundance, is the first requirement for the occasion! We do have a special dinner just for fun....It's nice that it isn't an obligation!

    Davidikus: for real! We still have similar radiators that give off very warm and healthy heat. I hate cold plates and would love to have a chauffe-plats like this!

  4. This is a common feature in the more substantial early twentieth century houses here in Memphis, Tennessee.

  5. John J Tackett: Thank you for your comment. I do hope some of them are still in use! I regret not having used my Prussian oven, which can serve the same purpose, when I had the chance before!

  6. I think this is quite spiffy. Aren't warm plates just the cat's meow? Not enough to dedicate a warming oven in a small kitchen, but surely enough to use second hand heat in a marvelous fashion.

  7. That is just clever! And pretty too! Enjoy the wonderful week ahead, Kellie xx

  8. HbD: so ecological too --and
    nobody had to be righteous about it!

    Kellie Collis: Thanks for stopping in!