Thursday, August 4, 2011

The stuff of Mme Grès

Madame Grès par Crespi
via Paris Musées
Femina, avril 1949, p.60.
Crespi, photo extraite de Femina © Droits réservés

The admirable Madame Grès, sculptress of fabric, 1903-1993. Her work is venerated today among the stone sculptures of the Musée Bourdelle in an exhibit created by the Musée Galliera which has been extended until the 28th of August 2011.

photo St Tyl

Far from being costumes of another age to be sealed in museum cases,
these dresses are classic and eternal, continuing to inspire because of the perfect
harmony of their material and cut.

photo St Tyl

Je ne crée jamais une robe à partir d’un croquis. Je drape sur un mannequin, puis j’étudie à fond son caractère et c’est alors que je prends mes ciseaux .
I never make a gown based on a sketch. I drape the mannequin then I study the fabric's character fully,
and only then do I take up my scissors.

quote source: Institut d’histoire du temps présent /cnrs

photo St Tyl

photo St Tyl

photo St Tyl
Whether it was silk or wool or viscose, she let the material guide her creations. Her very pure aesthetic and talent with pleats gave her a special a preference for silk jersey. 
photo St Tyl
photos: St Tyl

Madame Grès, la Couture à l’œuvre


  1. She is a favorite. Thank you for posting!

  2. I learned to admire her when I was investigating an antecedent to an eau de toilette, of all things, with which she might have had nothing whatever to do. "Grès Pour Homme" was available in the 1970s and for some indefinite period after, I think, and came bottled in a very elegantly circular concave frame, labeled in dark grey-blue and charcoal grey (or black); but it was very distinctive, aromatically (I'm sure that its "tasting notes" must exist on the web, where scent is widely discussed). As I had adopted it, I thought to inquire into her style. If she designed for men I would certainly have worn her jacket.

  3. Hello Laurent. Very interesting. I had no notion of any designs for men. Through your remarks, your style is etching itself little by little in my mind. In perfume, I only know of Cabochard for women - a funny name, perfect for the woman herself, celle qui n'en faisait qu'à sa tête!