Saturday, October 15, 2011

Parties de campagne

© Anne-Laure Camilleri
source: site Rustica
The last post wished to congratulate the recycling efforts in the textile domaine, but left me yearning for an eyeful of textile treasure. And then I remembered that the Musée de la Toile de Jouy has a beautiful exhibit on at this very moment, Parties de Campagne.

The theme is naturally the depiction of the countryside and gardens as seen in the printed fabrics of Jouy and other French maufacturers. These narrative and idealized views of the countyside were first imagined by Jean-Baptiste Huet 1745-1811, who was painter to Louis XV and designer for the Oberkampf manufactory.

The installation of the exhibit was imagined by designer 
Philippe Model.

 To accompany the exhibit, a catalogue which promises to be as informative as it is beautiful is available on line through the boutique Oberkampf.

Lavish images and close ups illustrate texts by specialists in garden and textile history, among them Yves-Marie Allain, Alain Baraton, Gabriela Lamy, Elisabeth Maisonnier, Aziza Gril-Mariotte, Philippe Model, Xavier Petitcol, Catriona Seth.

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