Saturday, December 31, 2011

C'est la bonne heure

Carl Holsoe

Now is the best time when the lamp is lit -
All is so quiet and consoling tonight, 
In such silence you could hear even feathers fall.

Now is the best time when, gently
Comes the beloved  
Like a breeze, like smoke 
So softly, so slowly.

She says nothing at first – and I listen to her; 
And her soul that I hear clearly,  
I surprise shining forth 
So I kiss it on her eyes.

Now is the best time when the lamp is lit, 
When confessions of loving each other the lasting day 
Come forth from the bottom of our hearts, 
Come from their transparent depths to light.

C'est la bonne heure où la lampe s'allume
Tout est si calme et consolant, ce soir,
Et le silence est tel, que l'on entendrait choir 
Des plumes.

C'est la bonne heure où, doucement, 
S'en vient la bien-aimée,
Comme la brise ou la fumée,
Tout doucement, tout lentement.

Elle ne dit rien d'abord - et je l'écoute ;
Et son âme, que j'entends toute, 
Je la surprends luire et jaillir 
Et je la baise sur ses yeux.

C'est la bonne heure où la lampe s'allume,
Où les aveux
De s'être aimés le jour durant,
Du fond du coeur profond mais transparent, 

Émile Verhaeren


  1. Happy new year. Sawasdee bi mai!

  2. Nice to read something by Verhaeren. It's been a century since he received the Nobel Prize for literature. Thank you and Happy New Year.

  3. Columnist: Thank you and the same to you!

    Jane: Thank you for that interesting tidbit, learned Jane. Happy 2012!

  4. Such a gentle way to greet the new year. Hope yours is a most wonderful one.

  5. Dear HbD, a very happy and glowing new year to you! I've always thought your Home contrasted with Dark made it seem such a safe and warm retreat - something as intimate as this image. (a bit more feisty though!)