Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Givre léger: winter walk

all photos: Le style et la matière


  1. A beautiful park. Is this in Paris?

  2. oh
    i wish i were there to walk it with you!

    beautiful xx :)

  3. Let me know when you are ready for a break, Renée!

  4. love that shot of the water. it all looks so restful!

  5. Extremely enchanting in every respect, conspicuously in the lighting; but also sequenced in a way which I found irresistibly expressive by pure coincidence, soon to be sacrificed in the next posting. At present, as the entry unfolds on the page, we find the reflecting water image parallel with the heading, "screens revealed," and the stacking of snowy limestone juxtaposed with the heading, "escalier de cristal," with "sign language" as an inadvertent label for the decorated entry, and "fare thee well" a message at the driveway. I know this page to be sensitive to mise-en-scéne, but I have to applaud these helpful aids to my visit.

    Can you do it again, please?


  6. Mlle/Mme P - This is not le bois de Bologne!

    Le hasard fait bien les choses, Laurent!