Wednesday, January 16, 2013

St Tyl: Japonisme at la manufacture Prelle

Dear Readers,
If you chance this way, I realize that I have been publishing at my other blog, St Tyl, without inserting a notice here as planned.  Take a look -  there may be an article or two that will interest you. Other projects have kept me away from 
Le style et la matière, but I will be back now with smaller posts!

photo St Tyl

Once again the Manufacture Prelle offers an enlightening look into its archives with a thematic exhibition.  Twice a year, the venerable Lyon silk weaver opens its Paris showroom at the place des Victoires, making marvels of textile culture come to life by placing them in their historic and aesthetic context for an appreciative audience.

for the full article please follow to St Tyl


donna baker said...

Gesbi, I have missed your posts and will start reading your other blog to keep up.

gésbi said...

Thank you , Donna. My day is off to a good start!

Mlle Paradis said...

thanks for the heads up G.! we've missed you - nice to see you. this looks lovely. (sigh! why can't i clone myself and spend half my life in paris?) xo!

Blue said...

I had no idea you were gone from my blogroll - I have not been attentive over the last six months - and I apologize. Did you give up blogging for a while or waw i just careless?

Both your blogs are now on my roll.

gésbi said...

Mlle P: So nice to have you here! I understand that you were not able to stay away from blogging either. Come to Paris when you can!

Hello Blue: I'm not surprised if I wasn't on your list since there wasn't much activity here. Thank you for reinstating both of my blogs. It's not easy to run two of them and sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't have been best to keep only one!

Laurent said...

St Tyl is not in my blog registry, but not for lacking great interest, taste and intelligence; rather, it's for my blog's focus, which is persistently refreshed here and whose resumption I not only notice, but which I want my readers to notice. This is why my blog registry is called, "Context." If there were not this blog a great many people would have had to put it together for ourselves, but who would be giving us the Loire on a plate, in a tower, on a rooftop, and flowers from Paris?

Meanwhile, the Japanese engagement with France, particularly with French impressionism, illuminates taste in not one but two cultural expressions. Every reminder and celebration of this is welcome.

gésbi said...

Laurent, thank you for your always thoughtful comments. Each blog must define itself and as I said above, the cross over from one to the other is sometimes difficult. There is material that could often interest certain readers here.