Thursday, October 17, 2013

Light as air

photo Lelièvre 

Kenzo isn't alone to have its textile head in the clouds lately. A glance outside was always good for inspiration and now this cloth makes the perfect reverie for a
window with or without a view. 
Lelièvre has designed Cirrus, a wide width textured sheer in grey... 


or blue. 

photo Atelier de Soierie
In Lyon, the Atelier de Soierie proposes cumulus and stratus scarves inspired by two artists. 

photo Atelier de Soierie

and  Boudin


  1. obviously i should be ordering great bolts of this stuff to compensate for my "not a cloud in the sky" life in l.a.!

  2. The grey version for you then to make for moody, atmospheric days!