Thursday, October 16, 2014

House trained

This grizzly image has been jammed in the back of a file for some time. 
It's surreal and it fits into my old anthropomorphic furniture (animal-pomorphic?) and curio themes. 
It's a stunning piece of Americana -hard to look on today-
but it made me think of  Jean Baudrillard's book, Le système des objets
 where  he calls objects the perfect pets!

 L’objet est l’animal domestique parfait. 
C’est le seul " être " dont les qualités exaltent ma personne au lieu de la restreindre. 
Au pluriel, les objets sont les seuls existants dont la coexistence est vraiment possible, puisque leurs différences ne les dressent pas les uns contre les autres, comme c’est le cas pour les êtres vivants, mais convergent docilement vers moi et s’additionnent sans difficulté dans la conscience.

The object is the perfect pet. 
It  is the only "being" whose qualities glorify my person instead of restricting it. 
In the plural, objects are the only entities with whom co- existence is fully possible, since the differences between them do not pit them against one another, as is the case for living beings; 
instead submissively, they come together with me and are amassed with the greatest of ease
 in my consciousness. 

more on the chair's maker here

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