Wednesday, November 19, 2014

In passing

all photos Le style et la matière

The wheel keeps turning but I'd promised myself to post more often 
and even when times are busy and exciting projects are at hand -
 I'd like communicate something of what I see - a slice of life, an ambiance, a little lèche-vitrine -
 in the whirl of the day.

I could give a quote

and hope to turn your head

but today is simply about beauty wherever it's found 

it's one of the things that makes my heart sing  most

in my twisting and turning paths through the city -

 in the  walk-by whizz of places to go -

lacquer screen at 
La galerie des laques 


at Lelièvre

and at Veraseta

color and cords at Christian Astuguevieille

all photos Le style et la matière

a golden moment -

in an ordinary day


  1. Loved going window shopping with you Gesbi.

  2. oh yes! thanks for sharing all of this with us. et "les citations intellectuelles" en plus!

    c'est toi la dame tellement chic qu'on aperçoit dans le reflet de la vitrine?

  3. No, that's not me. That's someone adjusting her hair in a passing glance. Ça rajoute au charme de l'ensemble et -- une toile avec une figuration vaut toujours plus, m'a-t-on dit!

  4. Some of your more stimulating presentations have explored interactions with shop windows and yet under lèche-vitrine this is the only posting. I think a fair project for an offspring would be to collate precedents with adjusted "labels." Might well deserve at least a fair croissant?

  5. Hello, Laurent-the-discerning!
    You will find the material you are referring to under "Paris Views." For some reason I added lèche-vitrine here as well. Thank you for commenting.

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