Thursday, October 8, 2009

Color Identity -Colorstrology

photo from VOGUE Fée Couture by Michael Thompson robe Dior

I love all colors. I have definite leanings, but for me any color blooms in relation to other colors so I can't exclude a single one. Sometimes there's a color you just want to sink your teeth into. There's an immediate reaction. Is it emotional need?

Some people identify strongly with an animal, but have you ever asked yourself --IF YOU WERE A COLOR, WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE ?

Just for fun, look into your personal color on this site; it's not necessarily your favorite color, astrologer Michele Bernhardt explains but a description of your personality based on your birth date.

"The colors we see all around us are a reflection of the sun's light in all its glory. It is
magic made visible. There is nothing more miraculous, unexpected or wondrous than seeing a rainbow appear in the sky.

You are part of that rainbow of light and just as being born on a particular day under a particular sun sign offers insights into your personality and nature, there is also a
personal color that corresponds to the real you. It is the color that reflects the very
essence of your specific birth date."

I don't know what serious astrologers would say about this but I did find that Aspen Gold had the right vibrations for me!


  1. Oh this is spot on. I am Heirloom Lilac-that is right, with a hint of burnt umber.emerald.Great post GT

  2. Yes - I recognize you! I'm Aspen Gold and Lettuce Green. Actually the lettuce surprised me but as long as it's tender AND crispy that's ok!

  3. As an Oct 15, I fit the words just not the color at all. Not in a million years...well, maybe when all of the reddish brown hair goes white! Fun post.

  4. Ah, so I'll have to look up the words! The question is unanswered -which color HBD ?

  5. I checked on Home's color- because I bet she was in the same shadings as I. She is lilac snow- which is pretty but-though I do not personally know Home or what she looks like-this seems totally wrong- My shade is deeper and suits me.But Home is red- Home Could you be a bit of purple? fuchsia? I could invision that & now we know H. has a birthday on the horizon. HBD-to HBD

  6. Lilac snow. Even the name creeps me out! Do the words for you fit as well as your color?

  7. How interesting, I'm sea green and I just chose duck egg blue for the colours of our new house! I find it uplifting yet calming at the same time. This makes me feel better about my choice, it's scary making these big decisions about the first house you actually own! ♥

  8. Righto, LA - it is HBD to HBD! And I agree there is something purple in both of you from what I can tell.

    HBD - I'd give you purple passion and fire cracker red. I do so love red and violet together! What color do you give yourself?

    Denise - your color choice sounds beautiful. It is so nice to be surrounded by color - and apparently those are right on target. While you are here- you should put your super photo in with your comments. It's really swell(e)!

  9. I was entirely certain this would be nonsense, as I don't believe in astrology or any of that stuff at all. But I thought "what the heck, let's take a look."

    Imagine my surprise: she got my color 100% right. Orange. I love orange, it's always been my favorite.

    Hmmmm, maybe there's something to this Colorstrology stuff after all...

  10. Thanks for the heads up on red and purple/violet. I am drawn to reds, deep greens. I have purples in my garden but not in my home. I spilled the beans about the big 60 looming up. None of you commented whether the words fit your day.

    I think a purple/red caftan is in order!

  11. the words fit me pretty well I think (modest was not one) la

  12. Yes - I think the words fit though with impt thing missing. Still pretty good and if you read the "about" section it seems that you must be open minded, the color you resist may be symbollic of something you need to work on!

    Tintin - it always helps to stay open to what's around you!

  13. Seems to fit HBD from what I gather too, but I couldn't snoop about you, LA. No BD, even if it seems yours is in July.

  14. Home and have much in common-I am Oct 23rd this year at 50. la