Monday, October 12, 2009


If you are in love with the worn and faded souvenirs of yesterday and sometimes feel your most at one with humanity when it reaches out to you from the bygone days ... you might enjoy my views of one of my favorite fairs on the Ile des Impressionists. Now that I can't get my mind off Screens, it is naturally their direction I pointed my camera.

It must be difficult to restore some of these.

This double screen with views of Paris and Versailles dates from the 50s
and is in perfect shape.

Is it worth it to get an old screen or would a new frame be better for this sort of fabric model?


  1. The first is a keeper. I do like the fabric screens. I am going to email you a pic of one I purchased at auction (one of 2-the other I passed on) I sold it. Regrets-but the current house as unaccommodating ceilings. GT

  2. I've never paid much attention to screens, but for some reason lately I keep finding new ones to love. The 50s screen with double views of Versailles and the city is absolutely wonderful. I'd scoop it up in a heartbeat!
    Really enjoy your blog - discovered it thanks to little augury!

  3. Thanks, LA I look forward to seeing your screen. You know if we kept everything...

    SF Thank you for the nice comments! Yes the double screen is wonderful. It's funny how something that didn't seem important a week ago seems to be squating brain and blog. Glad I'm not alone! (Little Augury is one of my favorites.)

  4. Ooh, I just love these photos! Especially the one with the chairs and the chandelier. What an incredible fair.

    I would love a screen but our new house doesn't accommodate anything of the sort, there are no extra spaces whatsoever! One day, when I have my dream house with my own powder room and antique dressing table. I just hope that day comes before I don't care any more!

  5. Denise, I don't have my dream house yet either. I guess the important thing is to keep dreaming and caring as long as possible!

  6. I love the screens in the first, third and fourth pictures especially. I say, the more decrepit the fabric and screen, the better. It's almost like setting the stage with age. New screens, lovely as though some may be, just can't even come close to providing that sort of ambiance. Lauren