Wednesday, February 2, 2011

7 Things

Thank you to Julieta, who makes my mouth water with delicious recipes at Lindaraxa, and who has honored me with the stylish blogger award. I'm an off-and-on blogger these days so I was very happy to know I had not been forgotten! To comply with the requirements of the award, I am showing you 7 Things about myself.

 mirror (miroir sorcière):
here i am looking at you looking at me

 lamp made from a brule parfum:
my favorite these days

Murano glass:
color joyful color

always two sides to every comedy and tragedy here

color again:
for smoother, brighter smiles

Delft cat:
pattern and pout 

and here i sit, grigris added for your benefit.

Please look through my blog list at "Visit" on the sidebar to see the other stylish bloggers
I enjoy and recommend.


  1. Nice to take a peak of le style's style. A french woman who loves color: YESSSSSSS!

  2. the award was created just for you DAH LING!!!

  3. Good to see you back on line! Love the Delft cat - actually I love all you show. Lindaraxa is right, you are a very stylish blogger!

  4. felicitations! i agree! you ARE a stylish blogger!

    thanks for sharing your favorites with us. the murano glass/millefiori always takes me back to my childhood when we would wander barefoot into our local art museum and stare at a case full of them. it was round so we could see them from all sides.

    bon weekend!