Monday, February 14, 2011

la Saint-Valentin

photos: Le style et la matière

Modesty gives in

to Love

La Pudeur cède à l'Amour

by  Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Debay: le Fils
Château de Fontainebleau


  1. I am sucker for folds in stone. So lovely and so hard to execute. Sigh....

    In my garden Cupid is the only male statue (here, concrete, more sighs, oh well). He is lying down, looking up impishly. Once he adorned my table for a Valentine's Day Dinner. No one commented about him until my son looked at Cupid lying among the roses on the table and said to me matter of factly as he appraised the statue, "nice butt, mom."

  2. HbD: How could Cupid get such a cold reception? Thank goodness for your son! Would he take after you by any chance?

  3. I think of his hunter in the Louvre with the same energy if not the same benignity. This posting presented an excellent narration in its editing; and for a long moment I found myself wishing the sculpture had stood there 200 years earlier.

  4. Laurent: Thank you. Yes, it's something about the energy of the intention.

  5. You have a beautiful blog. This sculpture reminds me of Canova sculptures in the Hermitage.

  6. Olga: Thank you. This is a particularly sensuous example by Debay!

  7. zat is so french! before paris hilton and kim kardashian at least.