Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Material swagger, bow-ties and Monsieur Jean-Yves

Félix Moati monsieur Jean-Yves fait son cinéma, Paris 2011
artistic direction Garlone Jadoul, photography Markus Lambert
How can the tie, that little bit of fancy folie for men, be up-dated 
into a fashion-art statement? 
Monsieur Jean-Yves has found the way. He has taken that object of lesser affection, the bow-tie, and with the artistry of his knots and the exclusiveness of his specially made fabrics, he is on the edge of a sartorial revolution. The bow-tie - noeud papillon - has the zest of the outsider who wins us over. Those who chose the bow-tie in the recent past were always a little on the renegade side. The problem is, they weren't always as well-dressed as they wanted to be.  Lack of quality? There's no excuse anymore.

all photos: Monsieur Jean-Yves

Monsieur Jean-Yves' celebration of Cannes

The glory of fabric is key

a subdued peacock

authentic fine feathers

and it goes on. Really, the choice is difficult...

Contemporary Parisian dandies are not legion but they are everywhere. Up to them to peruse these haute façon accessories to find their own. Tying is optional, do-it-yourself or pre-tied, some bows will fête the most special occasions and others will add spank to a simple denim shirt.   
If you do not find your bonheur in his vast and varied collections,
Monsieur Jean-Yves also has a bespoke tie service.

Those of you who know me, know I've always liked ties and any way of celebrating the day with a bit of color and precious textile. Monsieur Jean-Yves has found the way to do so by uniting tradition and technology with the spirit of the today.


  1. Possibly some will share my impression that the bow tie is not open to universal adoption, and that one has to know oneself reasonably accurately in order to make a persuasive choice. The range you present here is not, by this logic, diverse for every man, but rather narrower for each man, while possibly collectively embracing most of them. It would be, variously, comical for X to select the tie which is plausible for Y, in ways we do not observe so acutely with his other choices in attire. Such is the terroir of the neck, that one cannot draw but so many varietals of grape from it. The bow tie takes what we call a "fruit set," as if from the vine, and when it is plausible it is eloquent.

    1. So very true, Laurent. Discernment is all with these finely crafted items - and for the man that these are designed for, it is understood to exist. Here the idea is casual or formal elegance and distinction à la dandy. They aren’t for pappy, but some women (again, not just any) might be tempted to wear them as well.

  2. Gesbi, I love the bow ties. My husband always wears the long ties, but I think I'll try to find him a bow tie that is already tied. Maybe, I can get him to wear one. Donna Baker

    That might make all the difference, Donna!

  3. Yes; Monsieur Jean-Yves has done a great job. I am big fan for bow ties. I very often use ties and on special occasions, I always use bow ties (, by the way thanks for sharing the images of ties, these are nice collections indeed.

  4. Where can I buy these bow ties in the US?