Monday, May 20, 2013

Textile traces: Marie-Antoinette's last rug

photo St Tyl
My last posting made me think of another rug I had seen that is associated with Marie-Antoinette. In many ways the rug I just showed you at the Domaine de Madame Elisabeth, made with her own hands, could be considered her last.  Here, this relic, the fragment of a rug pictured above, is said to have been located in the Marie-Antoinette's prison cell at the Conciergerie.  It is not much to look at, but it is document of the past.

source: monuments-nationaux

In color, it  resembles the rug in the painting by Gervais Simon, La reine dans son cachot

photo St Tyl

The painting was commissioned by Louis XVIII is part of the Expiatory Chapel of the Conciergerie today,

photo St Tyl

where walls are covered with silver tears and draped with black hangings, traditional signs of mourning.

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