Thursday, September 26, 2013

Franck Sorbier's Silken Voyage in Time

© all photos Piero Biasion
Rubelli's Jacquard Tricorno

There has been a lot of talk about the historicizing designs of the19th century due to the Folie Textile exhibit,
but we've been repeating that trait ever since - just not exclusively. Franck Sorbier has taken historic period silks from the collections of Rubelli and Tassinari et Chatel to create a modern-romantic, 21st century Haute Couture collection Winter 2013-14.

Tassinari et Chatel fabric, Les Chimères 

Tassinari et Chatel, Argentan 

the back

Who made this damask?

Tassinari et Chatel, Cernushi 

Giotto coat et longue bustier gown Duccio in Rubelli's Tricorno 

© Photos Piero Biasion

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