Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Révélations of contemporary beauty

The exhibitors at Révélations (fine craft and creation) all have in common a link with traditional methods of fabrication and quality. We are very fortunate to have this new salon at the Grand Palais to showcase international luxury craftsmanship. This first bi-annual exhibition put all  267 designers on the same footing regardless of reputation or scope of field.

Here is a smattering of examples of what was on display from the web site of Révélations which can still be viewed to find design work of unparalleled quality.

Console L15  - Réalisée en Ebène noir et Palissandre
© Ateliers Drevelle

Tables gigognes Abigael en laque rouge et feuille d'or.
© aisthesis


Meuble à bijoux: petit meuble en galuchat teinté de vert, intérieur naturel et ébène
© J.Pepion
Ludwig et Dominique

Lampe en verre gravé et sérigraphié, imaginée par François Rouan et réalisée par l'atelier Simon Marq. Socle en palissandre réalisé par l'ébéniste Craman-Lagarde.
© ©Atelier Simon Marq/ Christian Préaud
NICOLAS THE FRIST  BEAR BAR 320 star clear - unique piece - 8 diamond stone 0,62 carats - nitrate mercury gilding - DIAMOND FROM SOUTH AFRICA
Cristal Benito et Fils

© l'atelier de l'objet

L'atelier de l'objet

Bague "Arum"

Or blanc 18 carats
Emeraude naturelle certifiée : 3,15 Carats 
Diamants : 1,15 Carats
Pièce unique délivrée avec un rapport spécial de gemmologie
© Photo : Fred Margueron


Le prestige de la papeterie gravée: relief, élégance, sécurité et personnalisation.....

ateliers Asdourian & Gustave Gernez

Stylo Pinceau. obsidienne neige, pierre de lune, corne ,poils de chèvre, plume acier.  pièce unique
Hervé Obligi

"Diadème"  : Monture Or blanc , or rose et or Jaune 18k
© Ghislain DUROY

Ghislain Duroy  Lunetier d'Art

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  1. ca persiste! les grandes traditions "fait main" plus "raffinements". c'est rassurant. i do so hope le belle france can see it's way economically to retaining it's role as a niche purveyor to the world vs. joining the race to the bottom. italy too. there are serious challenges......

    oh the eurostar....but it goes through a tunnel! i want to be above-ground. and it whizzes so fast, i can barely enjoy the countryside. (picky, at all?) but that aside, would luuuvvv to squeeze it in one day!

  2. Donna, wouldn't that be nice? That would be easier than choosing!

    Mlle P: Et comment! The level of talent and skill is staggering. That is the direction we impose on ourselves by making the accessible where labor is cheap.

    The tunnel only last 1/2 an hour - too bad it's not made of glass, eh? I feel sure you will try it and be convinced one day! I love flying too, but really it's so much more civilized to arrive directly into a city by train.