Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I'm moving in with a friend

René Magritte
Les mémoires d'un saint
 Le style et la matière has been dormant and yet it still feels like a good home to come back to.

I've decided to take up residence here again and to move in with my textile blog, St Tyl.
Many topics concerning textiles over-flow into other domaines. This merging of the two blogs will permit me to be more playful and touch on other topics while continuing to explore textiles with all  the readers and fellow bloggers I appreciate so much.
 Fortunately, I've learned that exporting blogs is very simple!

So starting tomorrow, everything will be in one place.


  1. Gesbi, I just hope I can find it. I have been receiving St Tyl, but for some reason not the other one which is the first one I started following. I will check out my reading list.

  2. That's probably because I had not published at LSLM for a long time! I do admire people who can run more than one blog!

  3. See you there! Looking forward to it.