Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Jeans and crinolines in parc Monceau

photos: Le style et la matière
I was away in the countryside over the weekend but the weather was nice in Paris too - much sunnier than in these pictures taken two weeks ago at the parc Monceau.  

There was an air of  the 1860s afoot. Found in a flash - the idea of the promenade spectacle dear to our ancestors comes to life in the right setting! A living tableau...with some anachronisms.

source Parc Monceau

The next time I'm there, I guess I'll see Seward Johnson's bronzes inspired by Manet and  Renoir that were just installed. It is a nostalgic kind of place.

Time for play , time for reverie.
Less self-conscious moments benefit from a nice setting, too.

More about ruins and faux ruins, passing by parc Monceau, here.

Parc Monceau


  1. and now for me, ages, since i've been in the parc monceau - and the ladies dresses are reminding of an older lady who came up alongside me near the park and engaged me in a conversation about "escarpins". she may have been remarking on my little pink ones! and you and i are on the same page about dali (and koons) i think. which makes them both so modern - the esthetics for them are secondary to the "effects" that they produce. i'll bet it was lovely, your wkend in the country. xo!

    1. What a sweet association with the parc Monceau - especially in light of the scene here - pink escarpins!
      Glad to think of Ma Demoiselle skipping into the picture. Another thing I love is to couple the parc outing with a visit to the musée Camondo. Art and nature, so to speak. Maybe you visited it, too?

  2. What an absolutely beautiful and pleasant park to while away an afternoon relaxing in the great outdoors. The children depicted in your first photograph look as nicely turned out as the ladies in their pastel-colored meringue concoctions.

    The ruins really make the park so I shall now follow the link you provided to learn more about them, thank you.

  3. The ruins are mostly remnants from other buildings from the Renaissance on. Some Egyptian monuments were made to measure in the 18th c. We used to come here often when the children were little. It was interesting to go back with my son the other day. Naturally, the masonic pyramide triggers thoughts of illuminati these days!