Monday, July 13, 2009


I was very pleased to participate in Little Augury's summer reading interviews. It's funny how we can discover our own tastes better when we have to pin them down for someone else. Little Augury has a penetrating gaze and a very creative way of interpreting fellow bloggers.

Her interviews are fascinating and fun and give great book ideas -some
of which are perles rares.

Go take a look ! It's not just for my interview, look at all of them. They are sure to inspire !
images: Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, Félix Vallotton, Jean Cocteau


  1. I read your interview and posted there how your nightstand was a lovely sight and wished that you would show your entire apartment! Your two favorite books shops look heavenly. Always nice to hear from readers. And, like you, a home without books, isn't any where I'd want to be.

  2. A corner here, a lamp's glow, a vase, a painting, and BOOKS...all these are telling enough for me! Somehow I think you understand, HBD.

  3. le style- thanks, and you and ancient industries both are on the hepburn/ funny face wavelengths today! la

  4. our wavelengths are crossing the ocean furiously at this point and taking forks once there - I sneaked The Innocent Age into my reading just at the same time you spoke of it and of Lucia Rising!