Friday, January 1, 2010


The following engravings are by a dear friend who found her inspiration for many years in Paris. Having learned the  arcanes of the printmaking arts at the prestigious Ecole des Beaux-arts, Sherry Clive is an accomplished artist whose work  is conserved in the Bibliothèque nationale. She now lives and works in the mountains of Georgia.

The time has come once again for closing the year and taking stock.
In some ways, our new year is like a displaced person in the still heart of winter white.
Why doesn't it burst out with new growth in Spring as in near-eastern cultures ?
But who can manage true introspection in the Spring! And isn't that what it takes to start the new year right?

The word recueillement says it well = gathering in, collecting oneself for contemplation.
All those quaint customs of resolutions have their reason for existing if done after deep reflection.
So, it's time to take an inventory,
to make an estimates, appraisals of our resources or of ourselves.

It is through the shapes we have built that we set our sites on the future.
Because that is what is necessary to begin anew - a rolling over, a shaking up what we've been through to shake off the unnecessary (I have a lot of that)  then to brood tranquilly
and gather forces for what's ahead.

Poised, yet open,
in position for a new year -
which doesn't preclude transformations and adaptations
of the determined plan.

Ready, aim ...

See more of Sherry Clive's work on her site here.


  1. As always, impeccably and thoughtfully presented.

    "In some ways, our new year is like a displaced person in the still heart of winter white."

    An achingly beautiful sentiment told with the truth of poetry.

    Best wishes in the coming year.

  2. Wonderful words and art to go with it! thank you so much for featuring amazing artists! here's to a very special year ahead!

  3. Thank you both! Here's to continuing to share art and ideas from blog to blog in 2010!
    I was particularly glad to show Sherry's work. These were a wedding present and very special to me; they seemed to do the perfect acrobatics for this very moment!

  4. le style: I can't remember what I said (probably will show up on someone else's blog in a most inappropriate time and space!) was that I was glad you and Soodie have met. To me, you two have a similar outlook. I appreciate how the both of you respect the history of art/artists/designers and place it in context for today. I do remember wishing you a happy new year. Let the good time roll!

  5. Yes, I feel close to Soodie's outlook and was amazed when I saw her posts. I don't think of what I project (grown woman that I am!)but am told my personality really comes through. I guess that's true for all of us who are following our bliss! A very happy new year to you too - may your thoughts and ideas continue to motivate the blog world!

  6. thank you for this message.
    beautifully said.