Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Screen Stars

Forest by Zoe Ouvrier

Just as a mask conceals the identity of its wearer while revealing something important about him at the same time, his true preferences, inner nature, or real aspirations, so a screen may accomplish all this for your home.
Here are some contemporary stars.

 Esse by Vittorio Livi for Fiam

My interest in screens is just as keen as when I wrote to you about them the first times pondering their use in our homes in Screenery and Screen Story .

photo Bruno Jarret pour Maison Francaise
embroidered by Lesage especially for the magazine's numéro spécial  "Paris"

Traditional work today

Jardin Extraordinaire

by Sylvie du Paty de Clam of Versailles

Mats Thésélius for Kallemo Sweden acid-patinated aluminum

The screen as persona. I've often noticed that some of the most timid people dare the most outlandish styles of dress and some of the most self assured keep to the purest forms... well enough of that. This is far from being a rule and so I don't want to draw any conclusions.  But surely we can interpret personality from interiors settings. I think a screen is a little like a sun sign - so important - but not to be interpreted alone !!


  1. What a delight to wake up to - such wonderful screens. The most beautiful to my eyes are Jardin Extraordinaire and the acid patinated aluminium.

  2. I agree with your observation. I once worked in a small advertising agency where all of the graphic artists were mennonites. Their demeanor was shy, almost withdrawn. Their art: bold, brilliant, in your face modern. Go figure. Has to come out some place! I like screens that add a sense of mystery, add depth and shadows, add the unusual. Today my heart leaped at the acid patinated aluminum (three words I would never have put together!). As a libra I like balance but often get there the hard way.

  3. So I'm not the only one who likes such different styles!

    HBD - sometimes we have to allow ourselves to fall in love with an object and find balance over a period of time. I don't think everything should be calculated in decoration.

  4. Preference? The acid plated aluminum! I like the industrial vibe I'm getting from it... it would be so interesting paired with an interior filled with rich textiles. Lauren

  5. so love the jardin extraordinaire, oh so conflicted in terms of what I like-I even keep myself guessing. these do not touch the others you've presented. I sold one turn of century Chinese silk hens and roosters with black lacquered frame- gone! poof- So hard to say goodbye.
    Another I sold-would have totally kept but so tall- I knew it would be problematic-sold it to a Hamptonite. gorgeous grauffage peacock blue velvet. so sad.

  6. You have such treasures, Little A. Let's hope those two have gone to places where they can be appreciated.