Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1+1=1(x2) Cézanne

Paul Cezanne
Fleurs et fruits c.1880

Fleurs dans un vase bleu   c.1880

Musée de l'Orangerie

These two paintings are fragments of a still life cut apart at an unknown date probably by
famed gallerist Ambroise Vollard.
Each was acquired separately with an interval of many years by Paul Guillaume and by his wife without the collectors' knowledge of their common origin. 

Twice as nice or sacrilege ?


  1. Difficult to imagine the whole thing, so difficult to judge. As they are they appear quite fragmented, and not that remarkable, except one might be surprised to learn that they are by Cezanne.

  2. Sacrilege, of course!

    It's funny that you put the pictures in this order. Wouldn't they assemble the other way round?



  3. How interesting! Did Voillard just think it looked better in two pieces?

    I think its a wonderful coincidence that the same collector acquired them both, although I guess if you like one half of a painting you'll probably like the other half as well.

  4. Columnist and Davidius, Yes they are fragmented. It is hard to imagine other bits to know just how the puzzle fits. Something of a curiosity...

    LA and Art, Vollard was one of the first gallerists to promote and support Cézanne. It would be fascinating to know his reason for this. And don't you love how renagades are consecrated in the art world with ornate gold frames -even their remaining bits and bobs? I think they are so handsome, but really isn't it funny?