Thursday, June 17, 2010

Style Matters

 Maria Yakunchikova-Weber

Un appartement est un état d'âme.

A room is a state of mind.


Robert de Montesquiou


  1. Rooms can be read, for certain, but are they only indicative of a state of mind at a particular moment? Interesting idea!

  2. Since I have a penchant for upholstered (padded, of course) walls, I must have a dangerous mind.

    Love renderings of interiors.

  3. Must be because of so many ideas bouncing around in there!

  4. et parfois des âmes y errent sans état…

  5. The picture made me think of Ilf & Petrov's novel "The Twelve Chairs" from the 1920s. For anyone who hasn't read it - yet - it is hilarious. It is the story of two con men scouring the Soviet Union for chairs that were used to hide a fortune from the Soviet authorities. I read it because Mel Brooks said it was funny and he was so right. Thanks.