Thursday, August 26, 2010


passage L'Isle sur la Sorgue

Bull racing Arles


  1. Have you seen my picture by Gustave Riquet - "The Bullfight at Arles"?

  2. Our dining chairs and writing desk came from L'Isle sur la Sorgue over twenty years ago - from a company called Vincent Mit L'ane, I think.

    Provence was so magical to us both after that drive down from Amsterdam and we still, especially in summer when thoughts turn to rose wine, talk about sitting on a restaurant deck right over the river having lunch and a full bottle of rose between us.

  3. Patience Patience
    dans l'azur
    Chaque atôme de silence
    est la promesse
    d'un fruit mûr

    René Char (L'isle sur la sorgue)

  4. Yes indeed. Some things don‘t change much, Columnist. I dedicate this post to you!

    Blue: It is so wonderful to have furnishings from a really magical spot to conjure up memories. This is the second summer we have vacationed at l‘Isle s/ la Sorgue. The town itself is a superb place for collectors and sun worshipers, which in my case also means heat worshipers. It so happens that we also took the Thalys to Amsterdam this summer.

    TG: Honteux - je suis allée à l’Isle sur la Sorgue sans lire la poésie de René Char! Ca donne envie portant. Merci, TG.

  5. Just saw "My Mother's Castle" this weekend. A lovely tale of Provence from a child's eyes.

  6. HbD: You might like the other books by Marcel Pagnol and the films "la Gloire de mon père" et "Manon des sources." Pagnol was a novelist, playwright and film maker.