Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgivings past

When I was little there was a Charlie Brown special for every occasion and I was even allowed to watch them on school nights. I wonder if children still watch the little block head in the US.

Do you remember Happy Thanksgiving Charlie Brown? In it the great chef and organizer, Snoopy, prepares the dinner table for Peppermint Patti, Marci and Franklin who have invited themselves over for the day's feast. Before they partake in a less than traditional meal of popcorn, toast and jellybeans, 

there's a great scene where the resourceful beagle must wrestle with a chair 
when setting up a table for the feast in the garden.

The chair man lurks again.

It's time to get out our DVD. 
Can you get to old for Snoopy and Charlie Brown?

Happy Thanksgiving, America!


  1. awwww no! never to old for snoopy and charlie brown! i hear schroders piano playing right now.......

    happy thanksgiving to you!

  2. I'll claim my share of that, and try to wait until all are served. Happy is as happy does: well done.

  3. My favorite was the "dark and stormy nights." When I taught I framed these and hung them in my classroom.
    One was particularly insightful...meanwhile a boy grows up in Kansas. Turned out to be my husband! A most happy T-day to the expat in Paris.Hope you get your cinnamon fix this fall.

  4. HbD: It's nice to hear from you. It is sure that Snoopy is one talented beagle. So he got your love story in there too! I have a weak spot for his emotional swings. And yes, I'm in full cinnamon season. A very happy Turkey Day to you and your husband!
    Did you see the 'textile hotel' in Fez at St Tyl? Might be a good spot for you!