Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Clever cuts

photo St Tyl
 Seen at the Biennale des antiquaires 2012 with  its clean-lined 1900 scenography signed
 by Karl Lagerfeld --

photo St Tyl
 a certain armchair at the stand of the galerie Aveline of Jean-Marie Rossi.
photo: St Tyl
Nothing could be too precious to dress it.
Centered on the back and seat is the most ornate fabric, an early 18th century lampas-broché, surrounded by plain cloth with cut out applications of another lampas and embroidery.
These handsome layered fabric applications were devised by a 20th century decorator.

photo St Tyl

Moral: never discard remnants of fine textiles.
Here, in the very best way - nothing is lost, everything is transformed.
It's a textile tradition.


  1. Yes, that is the way it is. I just got remnants from my new bunad (folk costume) and keeping them safe, never throw away textiles. Happy to "see" you, by the way:)