Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rose Anne de Pampelonne: More curtains, please

photo StTyl

Enjoyed recently at the Rose Anne de Pampelonne stand at the AD/Louis Vuitton Designer event at Artcurial, Voyages imaginaires.

photo StTyl

 T'nalak blinds of abaca
design Maricris Floirendo Brias

photo StTyl

Curtains Sol Ice Ray  in cream colored cotton hand embroidered with rice beads linen and double cord 
design Rose Anne de Pampelonne

photo StTyl

curtains Rose Anne de Pampelonne "Shell Arts"

photo StTyl

screens nacre de lune  "Shell arts"


  1. Lovely!

    Ola rather likes to be called très soigné and sends his best regards.

    1. Glad to have caught your very refined eye.
      Ola surely takes after you!