Friday, October 26, 2012

More from AD/Artcurial : the path of pattern>>>>>

photo St Tyl
For the record: these pictures from the recent AD/Artcurial Voyages imaginaires decoration event.  4 designers created rooms with a very pronounced taste for pattern and texture. I'd shown you Rose Anne de Pampelonne's wonderful curtains from the same event previously.

Here, an amazing rug from Vincent Darré's Dada boudoir (Codimat).

photo St Tyl
Chahan Minassian California salon: textures expanded to the realm of pattern.
Fabrics Bisson Bruneel, Toyine Sellers, Rodgers & Goffigon.

photo St Tyl

The Francois-Joseph Graf African inspired salon:
a sacred statuette brought  into view from beneath indigo cloth wrappings.

photo St Tyl
The light was low, the crowds were thick -
it was hard to do justice to the painstakingly wrought details of this sumptuous decor.

photo St Tyl

Kuba inspired upholstry fabric

photo St Tyl
Mr Graf is an habitué of the venerable silk weavers of Lyon,
Tassinari et Chatel,
partner in design.

photo St Tyl
The fabrics in Jean-Louis Deniot's highly constructed salon also had an African design feel-
but the dominant effect was all together different.

photo St Tyl
It was like walking into a giant finely engineered 3-dimensional puzzle -  advanced level.

photo St Tyl
The pattern impact goes right up to the 5th wall.
Fabrics by Romo and Ido Diffusion..

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