Monday, June 1, 2009

Little red drawers

One good thing about starting a blog is that it gives yet another justification for saving tear sheets, articles, and piles of magazines. I have years of visual goodies stored up from decoration (can't bring myself to say "shelter") and fashion magazines. My cup runneth over; this is but part of the collection. I have to admit that I enjoy paving the room with images, but it is time for a better system.

Help is on it's way -- welcome little red drawers. A steal at Ikea for 30€ the set of 6 drawers. They will be rolled into a nearby closet once that is cleared out in its turn. Organisation is underway...

(One bad thing about starting a blog is getting less exercise...)


  1. What a great set of drawers! I must admit, one of my loves is to organise and then re-organise again. I hope you enjoy yourself figuring out what goes in what drawer. I'm quite envious.

  2. Ah, good ole Ikea! The challenge is the cross-indexing! Also for my other work, I never worried about the source of my doc. Now I prefer to attribute things I publish and sometimes for my oldies but goodies it just won't be possible.