Tuesday, June 16, 2009

would you, could you ?

When I first saw this bibliochaise I found it ingenious but a little on the messy side. It is difficult to have enough room for books at home and there is something cozy about literally being surrounded by them, but those uneven bindings that poke over the top made me uncomfortable. Am I being silly? Yet there's something fun going on here and I can imagine this chair in an Arts and Crafts type study or a snug-rugged corner in an open loft space. It can be completed with a matching footstool, bibliopouf, that provides even more book space. The Italian editor, Nobody and Co. , delivers your choice of colors for the chair and upholstery which you used to be able to click through and try out on their on their site. I just saw the revamped site and it is much warmer and appealing even if it provides less information. So, book lovers, what's the verdict? Would this make you claustrophobic or cozy?


  1. I must have one of these chairs!

    Yes, it would irritate me a little if all the books were unevenly sized. Perhaps matching leatherbound volumes would work, perhaps even colour co-ordinated.

    However, I would risk the discomfort of uneven books, to posess the chair!

  2. Yes, I can imagine it in your home (for what I picture of it). I'm sure you would know how to put the right books in the right places to make this chair just right!