Tuesday, June 9, 2009

un, deux, trois, cat

Hail Bastet, goddess of house and hearth ! A few weeks ago I came across these pictures that I can't seem to forget. Just whose identity comes into play here? What Kate Potter has captured
is more than her subject's deadpan calm.


  1. LOVE! these- but then I love portraits! la

  2. A very different approach to photographing cats. They certainly don't look soft and cuddly, but there is a strange individuality to them that does make them reminiscent of human portraits.

    My black cat has the habit of staring at me, or maybe through me, for long periods of time. She'll make me uncomfortable and then look away, as if smirking. Ah, the strange world of cats.

  3. We'll never know what they are thinking. Does she wander through the moor to ponder human life?

  4. Sometimes you have to wonder whether cats are the dominant species on the planet, but are so laid back that they can't be bothered to inform us!