Monday, May 3, 2010

Feline Furniture

Félix Vallotton

Most cat lovers will admit to being attached to
their pet's aesthetic presence

as much as to its independent personality and charm.

Why shouldn't your cat's accessories be as elegant as he is ?

I saw this today at Chat et Essai. It was so nice, I couldn't resist passing it along to you.
Finally, a scratching post that will look good in your living room!
From Cat-on.


  1. Merci, vive les chats et ceux qui les ont peint comme Balthus, Bonnard et cette belle lino de Valloton artiste trop mal connu… merci de réparer cet oubli

  2. love this, they are in desperate need of translation, or rather I am. Yes a the cat has its place in any home or should and in so much art as well. pgt

  3. TG Oui, comme vous j'adore les chats ET Vallotton à qui je revient, il me semble...

    LA Yes - so sorry to send you to a site w/o an English version. Very surprising since the Germans are so good in English. I'm sure an email to them in English would do the trick.

  4. Little A - I contacted the company. No sales in the US at this time, but they do accept individual orders through their site contact.

  5. This is wonderful post, I have always loved that Vallotton print. That cat photo is marvelously funny. Our dear cat left us year ago. He is so deeply missed. The furniture is elegant and fun.

  6. i couldn't agree more with all of the above. i think there is a huge untapped market for gorgeous cat houses in the u.s. at least!

  7. Debra, might it be time for another cat?

    Mlle Paradis - let us give cats dignified lodging in all parts of the world !

  8. yes yes yes
    their furniture, and accouterments should all be stylish.


  9. Very elegant and so practical! Great post!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment! So sweet of you!
    I hope to see you again:)
    I will be back for sure!

  10. So elegant, my Himalayan Miss Belle would love it!

    Art by Karena

  11. I have always had a horrid allergy to cats, but I do admire their elegant sense of self. I would be afraid that "off the rack" housing might not be accepted by some of the worlds greatest critics.

  12. HbD: But I know yours is custom made ! My husband was allergic to cats, but is allergy was 'transformed' with age. We have had a cat for two years now. If I have your attention, may I contact you via email? I have a question for you.

  13. lol. That is so chic!
    -Sanity Fair

  14. My cats are like children; I got them a lovely scratching pad which has never been touched... the box, however, gets played in every day.

  15. Superbe gravure de Vallonton, trop, trop peu connu !
    Les chats sont nos plus énigmatiques et divins compagnons de notre vie. Et ceux-là sont charmants et un brin espiègle dans cette étagère en S !
    J'ai aussi quelques chats dans mes toiles, ils sont merveilleux...