Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Porte-bonheur

I'm not one to want to break with tradition where flowers are concerned, so here is a glorious vision of 
Lily-of-the-Valley said to bring happiness in Flora's lovely month of May.

Today is Labor Day in France and I'm just back from a week
of relaxation and visits to beautiful sites in the Loire Valley.

These tiny fragrant bell blossoms were part of many of the welcoming floral arrangements
at the chateau of Chenonceau in honor of the 1st of May. 
More pictures of  the chateau soon...


  1. J'adore, j'adore, J'ADORE votre blog. belles images, sujets geniaux, de tout et tout me plait; bravo.

  2. When I was a child we had a side yard filled with lilies of the valley. I adored them!

    Art by Karena

  3. what is prettier!, my lily of the valley is popping out right now. a favourite flower of mine. pgt

  4. So, in three photos you limn a beautiful evocation of a day that here unfortunately has no significance. The putto awakening as the acanthus unfurls and those cornucopia-like callas sheltering lily-of-the-valley - beautifully pagan.

  5. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos welcoming the goddess Flora and the month of May.

  6. Those bell blossoms are just stunning:) Beautiful post!

  7. Jeanne-Aelia- merci mille fois!

    TO ALL: Your comments certainly make for a warm homecoming!

    I’ve always liked the really old traditions of celebrating the seasons. The French continue this one, but do not for example, hang mistletoe any more. In my home, you can be sure there’s a merry mix of traditions!

  8. Ce bouquet est absoluement magnifique. Normalement je n'adore pas cette fleur mais ce bouquest est un rêve.
    Beaucoup de salutations de Monaco, Petra

  9. Merci Perta - tous les bouquets à Chenonceau sont composés à partir des fleurs du parc du chateau et sont un élément très personnel des décors.

  10. this is so beautiful.
    i would love to have those
    the potted ones are to die for.

  11. When Lily of the Valley is really happy it is happy everywhere. But one is to be invaded, why not by beauty and fragrance? Hope your get-away was wonderful

  12. Lily of the Valley for all !
    Do you both remember the White coral bells song?
    I do love their fragrance, HbD. The week was heaven.

    Emile -
    mais oui! Only the month of mai has suddenly turned glacial! A demain at Treasure Hunt.

  13. Your getaways always remind me that I need to do more.

    I always thought the lily-of-the-valley with its smooth curved lines the loveliest of flowers. The perfect accompaniment to the month of May.

  14. Dear Aesthete - would you believe sometimes I feel we have too many getaways? That must be my American upbringing!