Friday, May 21, 2010


Thank you, my fine feathered friend at the wonderful Porcelains and Peacocks, for the
Beautiful Blogging award you have bestowed upon me today.
Merci. It comes just at the right time to brighten my day when I’ve been
needing a bit of encouragement ! 

Despite my ardent belief in the power of numbers and other such lore, I've never worried about breaking a chaine and may have been remiss about awards in the past! BUT I would like to mention my own
Savorous 7 as a way showing my
appreciation of their fine work.


illustrations by M. Boutet de Monvel


  1. Hi Gretchen,

    You are welcome and most deserving! Thank you for all of the beautiful words and pictures that you post.


  2. oh my thank you! what a nice surprise this morning and what nice company! i'm really touched and flattered and also reminded what high standards i need to strive for and match over at passageparadis!

    thanks again! and here are more encouraging words from this side of paradise. whatever challenge or difficulty you are facing just at the moment, i hope it passes quickly and that you are not too alone with it. you have our hugs and support as long as you need them.


  3. Just stopping by to leave an affectionate hug. Will be back very soon. :)

    (Such beauty you have here!)

  4. I am truly surrounded with wonderful people. Your friendship vibes brighten my day!

  5. well this little darlings all in a row. pgt

  6. I know you are at the root of this! You are always at the top of my full list, LA.

  7. Merci buckets (as they say here in Britain) Le Style, I am chuffed (another weird English expression)!

    As I was saying to Barbara of It's About Time, we already 'award' each other all the time through our mutual comments, but this is still a very nice extra.

  8. So I must answer -
    Saint Cloud, mélimuche to you for your beautiful site and sly wit! Yes, the comments are what counts -but this way you can be 100% sure you are appreciated!

  9. Thank you so much for the mention. I adore your blog, you are so deserving of the award and thanks for the link to porcelainsandpeacocks, another lovely blog to follow! I'm still reading while resting! xa