Monday, May 10, 2010

Style Matters

Style is not something applied. It is something that permeates. It is of the nature of that in which it is found,
whether the poem, the manner of a god, the bearing of a man.
It is not a dress. 

Wallace Stevens

perspective study of a chalice by Paolo Uccello 1430-40


  1. Je suis d'accord…
    cette phrase de Matisse :
    “Les gens qui font du style le parti pris et s’écartent volontairement de la nature sont à côté de la vérité. Un artiste doit de rendre compte, quand il raisonne que son tableau est factice, mais quand il peint, il doit avoir ce sentiment de copier la nature. Et même quand il s’en est écarté il doit lui rester cette conviction que ce n’a été que pour la rendre plus complètement”

  2. What a wonderful quote. Thank you so very much for sharing it.

  3. Reminds me of the writer who finished his first draft of his novel and all he had to to was go back and "add the symbolism." I have laughed about that for 40 years!

    p.s. did you get my email?

  4. HbD - I wonder if that writer is stayed a writer!
    (email may6 - did you get mine?!)

  5. A wonderful quote by the poet (no?) that seems to expand, open and enlarge as it is read, ending in the simple, but cogent, "It is not a dress."