Monday, May 24, 2010

Putting things in perspective

venitian blind wallpaper by Nobilis /Halard

Instead of letting yourself feel boxed in, get a new perspective on things somehow, someway -
even if you have to fool yourself a bit to do it.

catalogue du Bon Marché

A small change and you may breathe more easily and stretch to horizons you hadn't even thought possible.

Hotel du Petit Moulin decoration Christian Lacroix

Open your space and you may even sleep better, which means more room for dreams.
Sometimes, it's okay to cheat.


  1. To paraphrase: a woman's reach should exceed her grasp, or what's a metaphor?

    p.s. I have used that trick of frieze or simply paint at level of doors/windows to match ceiling. It does help clear the air!

  2. precisely my problem at the moment. i thought i had found the perfect wallpaper but it has slipped from my hands.....what if i were impossibly daring and silver leafed my wall?

  3. I wished hotels would do this more often - I think it could give guests a better feeling - could be stylish or even with a little humorous touch. Why not?

  4. Mlle: silver leaf sounds like heaven!

    Petra: You are so right and you are in measure to get it done, aren't you! We are seeing more and more decorative painters' work in interiors these days and that is a very good thing.

  5. What a wonderful topic. Yes, to go somewhere else. While oyu sleep or while you eat. I love l'hotel du petit moulin! feerique! merci de nous faire rever.

  6. Thanks to home before dark for telling me about your blog! Lots of good stuff to read!

  7. That moon-and-stars somehow seems very French (even without knowing that it is by Lacroix), I wonder why?

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  9. Jeanne-Aelia - yes, when you can't get to the hotel du Petit Moulin you have to be able to fantasize!

    Theresa, welcome! Sometimes I think we should compile HbD's wit and wisdom as she blazes a trail through cyberspace! Glad she pointed you this direction.

    Emile - could it be the clair de lune is tinted more Camembert than green cheese in these parts?