Friday, October 26, 2012

More from AD/Artcurial : the path of pattern>>>>>

photo St Tyl
For the record: these pictures from the recent AD/Artcurial Voyages imaginaires decoration event.  4 designers created rooms with a very pronounced taste for pattern and texture. I'd shown you Rose Anne de Pampelonne's wonderful curtains from the same event previously.

Here, an amazing rug from Vincent Darré's Dada boudoir (Codimat).

photo St Tyl
Chahan Minassian California salon: textures expanded to the realm of pattern.
Fabrics Bisson Bruneel, Toyine Sellers, Rodgers & Goffigon.

photo St Tyl

The Francois-Joseph Graf African inspired salon:
a sacred statuette brought  into view from beneath indigo cloth wrappings.

photo St Tyl
The light was low, the crowds were thick -
it was hard to do justice to the painstakingly wrought details of this sumptuous decor.

photo St Tyl

Kuba inspired upholstry fabric

photo St Tyl
Mr Graf is an habitué of the venerable silk weavers of Lyon,
Tassinari et Chatel,
partner in design.

photo St Tyl
The fabrics in Jean-Louis Deniot's highly constructed salon also had an African design feel-
but the dominant effect was all together different.

photo St Tyl
It was like walking into a giant finely engineered 3-dimensional puzzle -  advanced level.

photo St Tyl
The pattern impact goes right up to the 5th wall.
Fabrics by Romo and Ido Diffusion..

Monday, October 22, 2012

Art deco tapestries from the Expo internationale 1925

There is still time to see the tapestry exhibit inspired by the 1925 Paris International Exhibit of  Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts. The historic 1925 exhibit is well known for being the penicle of refinement in the applied arts of the day and was the very source of the denomination 'Art Deco' style.

photo: ©Alexia Bonhomme/Cité internationale de la tapisserie et de l'art tissé
 Pierre Lahalle, Bergère mahogony wool and silk

 Works by the famous and fashionable were brought together or designed specially for the spectacular occasion: ensembliers Sue et Mare, Jourdain, Ruhlmann as well as artistes Benedictus, Veber, Anquetin, Cappiello, and Vera all participated. They collaborated with the  Aubusson, Beauvais and, Gobelin workshops creating a great variety of woven productions in screens, wall hangings, rugs, and upholstry.

Today, for the first time since 1925, a large selection of these textiles are together once again at the Cité internationale de la tapisserie at Aubusson.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rose Anne de Pampelonne: More curtains, please

photo StTyl

Enjoyed recently at the Rose Anne de Pampelonne stand at the AD/Louis Vuitton Designer event at Artcurial, Voyages imaginaires.

photo StTyl

 T'nalak blinds of abaca
design Maricris Floirendo Brias

photo StTyl

Curtains Sol Ice Ray  in cream colored cotton hand embroidered with rice beads linen and double cord 
design Rose Anne de Pampelonne

photo StTyl

curtains Rose Anne de Pampelonne "Shell Arts"

photo StTyl

screens nacre de lune  "Shell arts"

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Clever cuts

photo St Tyl
 Seen at the Biennale des antiquaires 2012 with  its clean-lined 1900 scenography signed
 by Karl Lagerfeld --

photo St Tyl
 a certain armchair at the stand of the galerie Aveline of Jean-Marie Rossi.
photo: St Tyl
Nothing could be too precious to dress it.
Centered on the back and seat is the most ornate fabric, an early 18th century lampas-broché, surrounded by plain cloth with cut out applications of another lampas and embroidery.
These handsome layered fabric applications were devised by a 20th century decorator.

photo St Tyl

Moral: never discard remnants of fine textiles.
Here, in the very best way - nothing is lost, everything is transformed.
It's a textile tradition.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Signs of the breakdown of civilization

book cover from Dieselpunks

They had lost any idea of making textiles, they could hardly make up clothes when they had material, and they were forced to plunder the continually dwindling supplies of the ruins about them for cover.

from The War in the Air 
H.G. Wells

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fabric of life

I came across this while searching for something very far removed from textiles (poubelles tri-sélectif !).
It's a nice reminder.