Saturday, October 31, 2015

Autumn leaves me happy

photo of an unsigned painting; Le style et la matière
The season is still green, but the gold is coming along crisply. 
I went out in search of scenes like the one in my painting last week in the country... 

photo: Le style et la matière
where a sun low-hung plays among the leaves and shadows stretch out as days get shorter.

It's a time for long walks in the counryside, gathering chestnuts and mushrooms then
huddling around the fire. Simple things.

photo: Le style et la matière
I love the colors of Fall, probably more than in all the other seasons.
So glad I don't have to choose though.

photo: Le style et la matière
Toulouse -Lautrec called autumn "winter's spring."

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Like a spider on the ceiling

photo: Le style et la matière

Seen in a waiting room for guided tours at the château of Versailles. 
Did that just happen - or did the designer do it on purpose? The spider is the very symbol of waiting. Happily, not one visitor was wrapped up as a meal before, during or after the tour.

Man Ray
No arachnophobe, but I'm not always completely relaxed around these creatures. 

nusch eluard par man ray
It's largely a question of their size, pilosity and proximity. 

late Victorian brooch from Pinterest

chanel brooch

monster Spider, sometimes called Maman by Louise Bourgeois
I can nonetheless appreciate what their form inspires in art 

Gallé vase Pinterest

Woodcut illustrations by GW Dijsselhoffrom

Victorian purse Pinterest

Gareth Pugh
and very definitely, their own woven art form and its imitations.

black sprite flowers
There are spider-like flowers

golden orb spider posing as a flower
and flower-like spiders.

Odilon Redon
What are you, my friend?

odilon redon
"Why, just that, your friend," she grinned.

Bruno Freire ignat
Have you seen?
There seems to be a greater appreciation

Erik Griffioen Ragno
of arachnian geometry recently -

Romain Duclos Mini Ragno

and of the intricacies

© Studio Bouroullec
lighting in the escalier Gabriel
palais de Versailles
and ingenious harmony of their webs.

Friend or foe, it's their season now. They come in to warm their legs.
Everyone tells me that a house with spiders is a healthy house.
Shouldn't we celebrate?!

Pinterest photos here

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Going somewhere, Monsieur Dufy ?

photo: Le style et la matière
Raoul Dufy Le départ pour la soirée 1935
Going out, of course. 
Half of the pleasure is in the anticipation. Getting ready, picturing the events. Not always easy after a long day at work and a full schedule with little time to change gears, let alone attire. 

photo: Le style et la matière
Présentation de mode chez Schiaparelli 1935
 But, in an ideal world , let's say it's the weekend - and you've made it there en beauté.
Just an ounce of imagination, and this scene is a dreamy foyer of a theatre filling up with lovely spectators dressed in honor of the evening, where you cross through and mingle in gentle effluves of perfume until the bell rings.

photo: Le style et la matière
Le cortège d’Orphée ou La musique

Take your places for a night at the opera - 
Orpheus could charm even a stone with his music.

photo: Le style et la matière

Boutonnière in place? 
Ladies and gentlemen, remember also that brooches are a handsome adornment.
This fabric is a jewel with its sumptuous warp dye work in the ground and the intricate play of weaves in the gold brocaded wefts like so much orfèverie. 

photo: Le style et la matière

photo: Le style et la matière
photo: Le style et la matière
Swish, swish

photo: Le style et la matière

photo: Le style et la matière
Maquettes for printed pattern, framed. 
It's all for art.

photo: Le style et la matière
of sextet of colors in a silk Lampas 

Flowers for the finale.

Can you tell I'm glad to have my opera tickets now?!
With sweaty palms, I waited for the precise minute the e-box office was to open, clicked on my date of choice in January and nothing was left. Strange and disappointing. An inside job, wouldn't you say? I chose another date, not nearly as convenient, but I managed to get my four tickets with grouped seating. Il Trovatore is for March. It's not easy to get tickets here in Paris.
On the bright side, I'll have plenty of time for anticipating the event!

I saw the exhibit: Raoul Dufy, tissus et créations at the MAM, Troyes and it is now in Carcassone until October 15.