Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sophie Digard at Maison et Objet

This year at Maison et Objet the influence of handmade textiles was surprisingly evident. Sophie Digard, well appreciated for her crochet and knit fashion accessories for about 10 years now, has made a recent foray into the world of interior design.

Her textiles may seem akin to what your granny made but the fine qualities of her yarns and the delicate color harmonies carry them into the world of luxury furnishings. Seeing these patterns on another scale gives a jolt. The upholstery for each chair is made to measure and if it takes about 4 months for delivery, the result is of lasting quality.

The craft appeal is plain to see. This seems to be an effective way to add warmth to a modern interior without weighing it down. Many of her patterns are patchworks or mosaics of color. These knobby cushions come in a wide color range of about 50 variants.

Only natural fibers are used and their quality is a pleasure for eye and hand alike.

The wool and linen of this bed set is supple and fine with a real luxury handle.

I particularly liked the subtlety of these textiles.

The entire collection is handmade in Sophie's workshop in Madagascar.

I fear the pictures don't do the cloths justice. Fabric is one of the most difficult things to photograph and a crowded stand makes it even worse! The first sample here has the wonderful textured appearance of handmade paper.

Maybe this shot from a magazine gives a clearer idea of the fine quality of the yarns
and craft in this open work shawl.

top and bottom photos from Selvedge


  1. Thanks for this post. An interesting display of hand-produced textiles in a modern interior context. It is good to see hand-produced textiles being seen as a viable, if expensive alternative to mass-production. I particularly liked the upholstery fabric.

  2. Relatively expensive - and special things take longer to make as well. Good things come to those who wait?