Monday, September 6, 2010

Felice compleanno, Mario Praz

photo Le style et la matière
entryway Museo Mario Praz, Roma

"The dwelling beomes the museum of the soul, the archives of its experiences;
 it rereads there its own story, eternally conscious of itself."

Mario Praz The Philosophy of Decoration

 jacket illustration The House of Life by Mario Praz

Mario Praz at home,  photograph by Jerry Bauer

photo Le style et la matière

 September 6 1896 - March 23, 1982


  1. I admit that I had to look him up and read a lot about him on Elisava. Have you been to the apartment in Rome?

  2. This is one Roman Museum I actually didn't know! I need to go next time I am in town. Thanks for sharing.

  3. i love this. thank you; utterly marvelous.

  4. I finally found my copy of Mario Praz. It was like finding an old friend. Thanks for the reminder.