Monday, November 7, 2011

Chairly there

Photo: Vlisco
 Dutch Wax prints designed for the African diaspora use some of the most inventive patterns and are often on a larger scale than anything else designed for apparel. There's a sheer joy to these fabrics that Africans the world over have adopted as their own to the point of identifying with them despite their being designed in by Europeans for their market. Today several west African firms exist, yet the plus appreciated and 
imitated is Holland's Vlisco.  

These designs featuring chairs and buildings are right at home on this page.
For more about spectacular Dutch wax prints, please see my textile blog, St Tyl.


  1. completely amazing... love both these prints

  2. JWC: and there are so many more that are wildly amazing at Vlisco. You realize how tame our world is we you see these!