Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Emilie Palickova

photo St Tyl
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The Sun 1924-1925 flax yarn, needle lace
by Emilie Palickova 1892-1973 
permanent collection of the Decorative Arts Museum Prague

The Sun was created for the international Exhibition of decorative Arts Paris 1925.
 Lace-makers from Schönfeld State School Institute of  Domestic Industry in Prague
required 11 000 hours to complete this work.

Notice how the trees reach up to the eye-like sun.

photo St Tyl

source Fédération des dentellières suisses

Emilie Palickova went on to work in other styles in her rich artistic and professorial career,

source Lace Museum Vamberk 
freeing Czech lace from its utilitarian context and creating monumental pieces.

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