Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The dish towel is your kitchen's Tshirt

The dish towel is your kitchen's Tshirt. You can change it every day, it's inexpensive and expressive, not too serious. When you are nuts about fabrics it's great to have a way to indulge your obsession that isn't costly and is useful. That's what I say -- even if the kitchen drawer gets very full. And, when you love something, it's nice to share so I often give dish towels as gifts. I've been looking are some favorites with a linear, sometimes textual theme.

Laurent-Laurent  by Stephanie Raenac
speaks of the dish towel's place in our homes, 
Je suis fier d'être un tissu qui n'existe qu'à travers la force de son travail
I am proud to be a cloth that exists only through the strength of its work
dressons notre inferiorité en drapeau
let us raise our inferiority like a flag!

 Vagues by Atypyk 

à la ligne

If you go weak for wovens the Jacquard Francais always has a good selection. 
This blank page is very unusal for their style and it's my favorite. So much potential here!

Kubik by Winkler


  1. Gesbi, I love kitchen towels too. I have wondered where you've been and decided to see if you have been posting on this blog. Glad you are still posting.

  2. Hello Donna. So nice of you to come looking for me! I haven't had as much time for blogging for the past these days, but I do miss it. I'll post some more pretty kitchen things soon.