Monday, January 4, 2016

It's a new day

ateliers de luxe
Marking time.
The new year never seems real to me until the regular schedule begins again after the holidays. A little night prowler in search of  crispy croquettes knocked over a porcelaine bowl of clementines during the night so I am not as fresh as I would like to be today after a sleep break to clean up the pieces that were all over the kitchen. There's so much to do without even considering resolutions. I need energy.

fabric from Lanvin gown 1936
 Cat food has to be rationed ever since two cats live under our roof. It's the slinky black panther who made mischief last night. Was he really hungry or just bored? These once reasonable eaters will gorge themselves just to prove to one another who can eat the most, but mostly it's the older tiger who throws his weight around to say who is boss.

Sharon Shalita and Maytal Barokas
So much for any true understanding of cat psychology. 
I do know that we humains have been eating a wee bit too much these days because of a delectable over-supply of festive foods that it would be a pity to waste --

Issy Miyaké
but that we will never get too much of  seeing beautiful things to lift our spirits. 
Enthusiasm and the downward-facing dog pose (the cat just isn't the same) are my two favorite antidotes for fatigue.

anonymous French gouache design

A happy and energetic new year to you!


  1. Thank you Gesbi - for a scintillating, textured start to the New Year! Oh, your sleepless night stories - we know them too well. Take it easy - no hurries - January will be here for awhile. Milles bises pour la nouvelle annee.

  2. And to you also Gesbi. I need to meditate or do yoga, just in short spurts. An hours is too long for my mind. What fabulous fabrics. I never see things like those. I've always like Missoni fabric, but those are so beyond. I cannot even imagine making those fabrics. The kitties must be males. I have 7 cats, all fixed, and it is only the males that fight with each other even though neutered.

    1. Spurts are good and hour sessions too but best with a class maybe. There's nothing like the downward-facing dog for stretching and getting the blood flowing to the head (well, headstands if you can do them) for a real pow!

      Fabrics can be like jewels. Missoni is great - I love overdose of color and pattern. My cats like fabrics too especially here on my work table. Wool is best of course. With one cat the upholstry stayed nice. With two neutered males, well - why didn't I make slipcovers in time?

  3. Beautiful fabrics and they make me happy after I'd been to a very dull Oscar de la Renta exhibit at a local college last week – I do wonder sometimes if that child in The Emperor's New Clothes was me in another life. However, I do know what you mean about midnight cleanup and toilet schedules with a ten-month old whippet who insists on drinking gallons as he's going to bed. Luckily, I'm at the age where an unbroken night's sleep is rare anyway. Happy New Year!

  4. Well, I'm glad to be of service in the fabric dept. A name alone won't do the trick - as admirable as la Renta can be!
    Our feline friends don't usually cause such a hubbub, although the little panther has deliberately knocked a glass from counter to floor to see what would happen once before. But then he was young like Barney and it was during the day. There's no excuse now!

  5. Happy New Year Gesbi! I wish you all the best in 2016. These artful fabrics are gorgeous!
    The Arts by Karena
    Life Lessons: So Honored!

    1. Thank you, Karena. Nice to hear from you. Wishing you well in 2016!